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ITS Podcast Episode 31: 2400Km of Autonomous Driving with Prof. Raul Rojas. Special Issue about the IEEE ITSS Spanish Chapter’s DLS talk

We have prepared a special episode about two events coming from the Spanish Chapter of the ITS Society! First, this chapter has organized a best ITS PhD and Master thesis award. We got to interview the PhD Awardee, professor David Vazquez. His thesis title was “Domain Adaptation of Virtual and Real Worlds for Pedestrian Detection”. [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 30: ITSS Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Lyle Saxton

We have a warm new episode ready to be tasted by our selected and special audience. The central content of this issue is a fascinating and inspiring interview with Mr. Lyle Saxton, a veteran engineer in our field that has had a lot of responsibility posts. Our guest talked about very hot topics in the [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 29: Special Issue on IEEE ITSC 2015

This is a special episode of the ITS Podcast about the just finished 18th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, that was held in the Canary Islands from Sep. 15 to 18, 2015 (http://www.itsc2015.org). We have put together some nice contents for our unique audience. We have included nothing less than one of the [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 28: Cooperative Perception and Autonomous Vehicles

After this little holidays break, we are back with a brand new episode for your ears, for our precious and selected audience. Today, in the central ring we have professor Rosaldo Rossetti interviewing Dr. Seong-Woo Kim, from Seoul National University, talking about his recent paper at the ITS Magazine entitled “The Impact of Cooperative Perception [...]

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Happy Summer!

Just a short note to tell all our followers that we are having a little Summer break but we will be back for our September issue. Enjoy your time and stay tuned!

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ITS Podcast Episode 27: IEEE IV2015 Special Issue with Bart van Arem

This is a special issue about the just wrapping up IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium Sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Society ITSS. We have prepared a selection of contents with some of the big names involved. As the main course we have interviewed professor Bart van Arem, from Delft University of Technology, who was [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 26: In the Passenger Seat of an Autonomous Car with Mr. Elbanhawi and Dr. Olaverri-Monreal

We have prepared a super interesting brand new episode. Are you one of the kind scared to death with the mere idea of being transported in a self-driven car? Would you pay to enjoy a ride at Google’s or any other autonomous vehicle prototype, or would you pay to avoid it? Today we will talk [...]

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ITS Podcast episode 25: Second Anniversary with Dr. Wagner, talking about SUMO

Congratulations to everyone!! This is our second anniversary episode. We have 24 episodes online and this is our 25th! We have prepared a special episode to celebrate this milestone. We have prepared a special news minisection where Dr. Maryam Kaveshgar will summarize some of the most outstanding achievements we have witnessed in Intelligent Transportation in [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 24: Traffic Modeling, Control and Optimization, Theory and Applications with Prof. Papageorgiou

For this new episode, the central content is an amazing interview with our very renowned and successful colleague, professor Markos Papageorgiou. This interview has been recorded by our new volunteer, the young brilliant professor Hilmi Berk Celikoglu. Prof. Markos Papageorgiou Additionally we have a Transportation in History, and a News Minisection. Mehran Shirazi [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 23: Map-aided Evidential Grids for Driving Scene Understanding, with Prof. Bonnifait and Dr. Kurdej

We have prepared a new episode for our very special community. We have a very interesting interview with Prof. Philippe Bonnifait, Professor in Robotics and Automation at the University of Technology of Compiègne and Head of the research group “Automation, Embedded Systems and Robotics, in France. We also have Dr. Marek Kurdej, who was PhD [...]

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