ITS Podcast Episode 41: Vehicle data, Smart Mobility and Transportation Electrification

We have some interesting news about the Kangaroos in Australia and few updates in our industry. We are then going to listen to a book Review From Prof. Haluk Eren from Firat University. The book title is “Roadside Video Data Analysis: Deep Learning, By Brijesh Verma, Ligang Zhang, and David Stockwell". [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 40: Cohabitation of Intelligent Humans and Intelligent Cars

Intelligent transportation system is back with a whole new package of information. This episode starts with a short news mini-section, followed by the book reviewed by Prof. Haluk Eren, from Firat University The book title is “SMART AUTONOMOUS AIRCRAFT, Flight Control and Planning for UAV”, and consists of 434 pages; written by Yasmina Bestaoui [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 39: Computer Vision, Inside-Out Perception

In this episode apart from the News mini-section we will have Prof. Haluk Eren from Firat University in Turkey that has prepared a review of a book recently Published by Springer, “The Advent of Unmanned Electric Vehicles: The Choices between E-mobility and Immobility” written by Van Temsche.     It is March and to celebrate [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 38: Vision-Based Turning Movement Monitoring

We start the new year of 2017 with a very special interview with Professor Brandon Morris from University of Nevada, LasVegas and Dr. Shirazi from Cleveland State university who have together published an article titled “Vision-Based Turning Movement Monitoring: Count, Speed & Waiting Time Estimation” at the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine. The interview is [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 37: Intelligent Vehicles in the Outer Rim with prof. Felipe Jimenez

Here we are again with the best periodical podcast on Intelligent Transportation Science and Engineering. We have a very interesting menu for today. We will talk about how the intelligent vehicle field is evolving in the periphery of Europe, far from Daimler, BMW, Volvo and other huge car-makers. We will talk with professor Felipe Jimenez [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 36: Transportation Electrification with Philip Krein

This episode 36, for September 2016. We have included a special content this time: Nothing less than the Professor Philip Krein’s keynote talk at our last ITS Society’s ITSC2015 conference in Spain. Philip Krein is Chair of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community and delivered a very interesting and provocative talk titled “Leveraging High-Performance Electric Transportation [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 35: IEEE IV 2016 Special Issue with Coelingh from Volvo cars and Anna Nilsson-Ehle from SAFER

This is episode 35 for July 2016, a special issue about the still warm Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2016 that has just happened in Sweden a few days ago. We have been there and we have prepared such a good selection of contents around it. We have one of its keynotes to speak about Volvo’s vision [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 34: Predicting Intentions with Cristobal Curio

We have prepared a great menu for our audience. We have a central interview with profesor Curio, from Reutlingen University in Germany to talk about autonomous vehicles, intention prediction, driver’s attention estimation and a lot more exciting hot research topics in our field. Don’t miss it, you will learn a thing or two. That interview [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 33: Adaptive cruise-control a lot more, with Petros Ioannou

In this episode we have Prof. Jeffrey Miller interviewing Professor Petros Ioannou, both based at the University of Southern California. Petros Ioannou is such a reputed colleague in the field, for example for his contributions to adaptive cruise-control systems. He has been recently appointed as EiC of the IEEE Transactions on ITS. Our partner, Professor [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 32: STIRPE. Autonomous Driving in Unstructured Environments, with Leopoldo Acosta

Happy New Year to all of you!! Welcome back! Thanks for listening the ITS Podcast! For this chapter we have interviewed professor Leopoldo Acosta, from the University of La Laguna in Spain, about their intelligent vehicle, VERDINO (national research project STIRPE, DPI2013-46897-C2-1-R). That is not the usual intelligent vehicle for roads. Instead, it is a [...]

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