ITS Podcast Episode 23: Map-aided Evidential Grids for Driving Scene Understanding, with Prof. Bonnifait and Dr. Kurdej

We have prepared a new episode for our very special community. We have a very interesting interview with Prof. Philippe Bonnifait, Professor in Robotics and Automation at the University of Technology of Compiègne and Head of the research group “Automation, Embedded Systems and Robotics, in France. We also have Dr. Marek Kurdej, who was PhD [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 22: First Distinguished Lectures Series Event in Japan, with Tsuguo Nobe and Shinpei Kato

Last November, the IEEE ITS Society started its Distinguished Lecture Series with an event organized by our Japanese Chapters, the Nagoya Chapter and the Tokyo Chapter. They organized a super attractive event, aiming in particular to our future colleagues, in the University of Tokyo. They could attend to a lecture by Mr. Tsuguo Nobe, from [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 20: Active Safety with Prof. Azim Eskandarian

This is our Christmas present for all our appreciated listeners. We have prepared a very interesting episode, including a super instructive long interview with Professor Azim Eskandarian about Active Safety. I’m sure you will like it. Additionally we also have a Transportation in History minisection by Mehran Shirazi as usual, this time about manned electric [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 19: IEEE ITSC2014 Special Issue with Matt Barth from UCR

This is a special issue on the recent Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2014, that has just happened in QingDao China. We have a set of interesting comments recorded on-site, plus a fascinating interview to one of the keynote speakers of the event, professor Matthew Barth from University of California Riverside. He delivered a fascinating presentation [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 18: “Radical Collaboration” with Chuck Gulash, from Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center in USA.

Do you know that Toyota has a huge facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they have an awful lot of amazing projects on Human Factors, Active Safety, Passive Safety/Biomechanics and Post Crash Projects. We have interviewed Chuck Gulash, Director of the Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center. He kindly explained a lot of innovative concepts. Do [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 17: Wirelessly Charging Electric Vehicles with Young Jae Jang, from KAIST

Have you heard of contactless electric vehicle charging? We have a striking interview with  professor Young Jae JANG, one of the leaders of the On-Line Electric Vehicle project at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. It is a challenging and informative interview you will enjoy for sure. We also have a surprising Transportation [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 15: Special Issue about IV’14 with Mohan Trivedi

We have prepared a special issue of the ITS Podcast, this time about the just closing 2014 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, also known as IV’14. We have comments from its organizers, from the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society President, plus a memorable interview recorded to Professor Mohan Trivedi, one of the most prolific authors in our [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 14: The Warrigal Dataset. Modeling Drivers Down Under with Nebot and Ward

For this new episode we have a very instructive three way long interview with two researchers based on Australia, professor Eduardo Nebot and Dr. James Ward, on a very interesting work to be soon published at the ITS Magazine about “The Warrigal Dataset”, a fascinating dataset that may prove really useful for many researchers soon. [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 13: Special 1st Anniversary Episode, with Hesham Rakha from the Center for Sustainable Mobility at VTTI

Happy anniversary to all of the ITS Podcast community! 12 amazing episodes and counting! Thanks for being there! We have a short interview with the current ITS Society’s President, professor Matthew Barth, talking about the current situation of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society. We will unveil the ITS Podcast Best Follower name, in the middle [...]

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