ITS Podcast Episode 2: Eco-Routes and ITS vs Global Climate Change

In this second episode we interviewed Professor Matthew Barth from the University of California Riverside.  He is director of the Center for Environmental Research and Technology. Prof. Barth was interviewed by Professor Jeffrey Miller, from University of Alaska Anchorage. Among many other things, they talked about "Eco-Routes" and also about the role of Intelligent Transportation [...]

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ITS Podcast Episode 1: VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge

In this first episode we have had the great pleasure of interviewing professor Alberto Broggi from University of Parma in Italy. He is CEO and President of VisLab, an Internationally renowned research center which has been present in many media recently, especially after accomplishing an astonishing challenge: during the 2010 Summer, for 100 days they [...]

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