ITS Podcast Episode 11: Autonomous Driving Systems at Defense and Industry

In this episode you may enjoy a very nice interview with John Beck, chief principal engineer of unmanned systems for the Advanced Products Engineering Group within Oshkosh Corporation. A world leading company serving very important customers like the US Defense department.

Professor Alberto Broggi (Vislab) helped out recording an interesting piece where we talked about autonomous driving systems applied to defense applications. You have to listen to it, every minute is worthy.

Additionally, as usually, we have a News Minisection about a big and more eco-friendly regulations change to happen this season in Formula 1, and a Transportation in History cut, this time about the historical leadership the city of Boston has always played regarding Mass Transportation innovations.

Download Mp3 (21.4 MB – 29′:41”)
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For those willing to jump straight to the interview, it starts at 5′:42″

John Beck

John Beck

News Minisection Sources:

Transportation in History Sources:


Boston Stage Coach (

Boston Stage Coach (




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