ITS Podcast Episode 26: In the Passenger Seat of an Autonomous Car with Mr. Elbanhawi and Dr. Olaverri-Monreal

We have prepared a super interesting brand new episode. Are you one of the kind scared to death with the mere idea of being transported in a self-driven car? Would you pay to enjoy a ride at Google’s or any other autonomous vehicle prototype, or would you pay to avoid it?

Today we will talk about that! In this episode’s centre ring we have Dr. Cristina Olaverri-Monreal conducting a fantastic interview about how will it be like being a passenger in an autonomous vehicle. Her interviewee, Mohamed Elbanhawi, PhD Candidate at RMIT University down under, and leading author of a recent IEEE ITS Magazine paper titled “In the Passenger Seat: Investigating Ride Comfort Measures in Autonomous Cars”

Additionally, Mehran Shirazi have developed again, as brilliantly as usual, a very interesting Transportation in History mini-section, this time about how warfare have had a clear impact on the development of many transportation systems. Don’t miss it!

But that’s not all of it. We also have a super interesting news mini-section by Dr. Maryam Kaveshgar on autonomous trucks and the revolution in goods transport they can bring along.

And all of this just for our very special listeners, our unique community of transportation fans we care about so much. Let’s start! We hope you enjoy!

Mohamed Elbanhawi. RMIT University, Melbourne

Mohamed Elbanhawi.
RMIT University, Melbourne

For those willing to jump straight to the interview, it starts at 8′:3″.

Download Mp3 (30.7 MB – 42′:41”)

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News Minisection

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 (source:

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 (source:

News Minisection Sources:


Transportation in History Sources: and Wikipedia

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